Our company provides forwarding services of cars from A to Z. We take care of the cargo shipment from the pick from any European place. The customer can be calm because our forwarding specialists will take care of the load.

  • New and used car loads from all Europe to the Belgian and German ports, from which cars later are shipped to Africa, the Middle East and other countries.
  • We have the possibilitty to deliver vehicles to the Western and North African and Middle Eastern ports with affordable prices.
  • Also, we organize new car loads between different countries, in different directions, including Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, and others.


We offer a work for car-carriers in the European Union and beyond its borders. We can recruit trucks for various periods.  We guarantee the timely payment for the services, and if needed, we can offer the advance payment. The main routes are: Belgium – Germany, Germany-Belgium (new and used cars are transported). We pay for all the kilometres travelled (including empty). It is possible to drive about 12.000 km per month. There is possibilitty of various terms of recruitment.

Please feel free to contact us by filling up the REQUEST form or contacting our managers by phone or email

+370 343 22672, +370 650 23536,  (full loads)

+370 343 22677, +370 650 65717, (single cars)

+370 343 22671, +370 650 86111,