JSC Ainetra was founded more than 10 years ago – in 2006. The company started up with the importing and selling cars and vans. In the same year the first car transporters were bought in order to transport purchased cars abroad. It has led company to the provision of services – carrying cars in the European Union. JSC Ainetra has been improving business processes a long while and consistently and was maturing reciprocal links with partners and customers from all over the world.

The company was successfully established in the market and in order to meet the growing customer circle since 2008 JSC Ainetra has started freight forwarding of car goods throughout the European Union and beyond its borders.

Today, the Ainetra cooperates on a regular basis with more than 100 subcontractors from all over Europe. Every year a few hundred regular and individual clients trust JSC Ainetra


A team of professionals with the highest qualifications and experience work in our company – long-distance drivers, managers and other specialists in the transport and automotive. Our company accepts full responsibility and guarantees the immaculacy in their work, promptness, professional and extremely flexible solutions and the highest levels of competence. Our managers are always ready to help with all questions about cars and transport: car trade, car transport or car freight forwarding.


  • Flexibility. We are extremely flexible, so we can serve both large and constant or small and one-time client, perform additional services, load complete load or even a single car and deliver it from door to door. We are able to execute urgent transport if needed.
  • Investments. We invest a lot in our trucks, staff, work equipment, so that the employees and customers feel comfortable.
  • Growth. We have the ambition for a sustainable and steady growth by creating intrinsic value of the company. The main goal is to increase our own car-carriers park, this should at the same time give us the opportunity to serve more customers and become more competitive in the market.
  • A competent team. One of the biggest assets of JSC Ainetra is professional staff. Thus our company is very pleased to have a youthful, however, already an experienced and energetic team, composed of specialists in the field with their years of experience in automotive ant transport.
  • Responsibility. Our company accepts full responsibility before the client to do services at a high quality and on time.
  • No intermediaries. We work directly with clients from all over the world.

Working principles: quality of service, professionality, credibility, responsibility – all of this ensures our flawless reputation, years of experience and is constantly growing volume of customers.